2nd leader line off of label

Can any one tell me how to get a second leader line to come off a label?

Is this a label in SketchUp or a label in LayOut?

Layout Dave

OK. I corrected the forum category.

When I want to set up two leaders to a single label, I place the label and the first leader. Next I click into the label until I can select and copy the leader with Ctrl+C or Command-C. Then I back out of the label and paste the copied leader. Double click on it and grab the end to move it where I need it.


Thanks man, very grateful.

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You’re quite welcome. I added a quickie GIF.

Interesting. I hadn’t thought to do that. My workaround was to have a second instance of leader text but with a single space as “text” (which means nothing shows. But as usual Dave, your way is better!

I actually just ended up using a line with arrow and used shape style to match them. Worked pretty well. Sorry, but I have another question, maybe dumb, how do I change text in a label after it is set?

Yeah. That works. I like the copy and paste thing because the label ends of the leaders are automatically placed in the same spot. And I don’t have to change the style I have set for the Line tool.

To change the text, double click on the label text until you get it opened for editing.

Thanks again Dave

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