Multiple leaders/arrows from single text

Anyone have any input on how to (in sketchup not layout) add additional leaders/arrows to text? For instance you have 5 fasteners and you want an arrow pointing to each from a single text? Ive been working around ths by just adding a text-less box but nothing snaps so aligning the leader accurately to anything is pretty much impossible and then when views change it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

When I need to do that I double click into the label and copy the leader. Then I click out of it and paste the leader before moving the arrow head. If I need to have a total of four leaders I paste three times. I’m doing this in LayOut, though. Not in SketchUp. In SketchUp there’s no way to add mutiple leaders unless you aren’t going to orbit the camera.

I hadn’t thought of @DaveR’s solution but what I do is to draw a new line with an arrow head one end. If it looks different to the standard textbox one, I use the eyedropper to match it. But Dave’s way is probably even faster.

How about simple geometry.
Multiple leaders