Multiple Pointer Lines From Text to Objects

Is it possible to have lines pointing from text to multiple points in a drawing?

Suppose you are drawing an object that has multiples of a given component and you want to identify these components with the same text label. Because the text floats, it’s not feasible to draw lines as they will not ‘connect’ to the text as it floats. To avoid confusion, it might be best to have a single point at the text end that spits into multiple pointers with arrows at the object end.

I’ve searched and found no hits. Surely I’m not the first to encounter a need to do this …

Not in SketchUp. Well, not without the problem you note in which the leaders aren’t all anchored to the same point.

Thanks again, Dave!

just draw a second, third, etc… leader line to the same note and hit the space bar, then click out of it. Blank note with line leading to the first note.

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Was just going to say that about LayOut

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In LayOut it is simple and you don’t have to worry about changing the view in the SketchUp model.

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When showing the position of several components within a single model, I set the leaders for each different component to a separate color to further help them to see them distinctly.

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That’s a good way.

I don’t use a single label with multiple leaders unless the things they are point at are reasonably close together. I try to avoid long leaders.