Text at an angle in sketchup

Is it possible to write text in Sketchup Pro 2020 at an angle?

What kind of text are you talking about? If it’s screen text or label text, it will always be aligned with the screen. You could angle text boxes in LayOut.

I have a site plan with various lines radiating out from the center. I would like to label these lines, along their line, as to where they are pointed. I am trying to do this in SU, rather than LO (which would be too easy), because I have multiple alternatives on these site plans, and I don’t want to have to label them each time.

I suppose I could label one window in LO and label in this window and then copy it to the other alternatives?

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I suppose you could use 3D Text and make it flat but that would wind up adding a lot of geometry and I think it would not look all that great.

Maybe. You could certainly copy the text from one page to another and then move them around if needed. If you do choose to add the text in LO, make a layer specifically for the text so you can easily lock everything else and select only the text for copying.

Sorry, only half reading this so may have missed something.
Could you use the dimension tool and align it then add text rather than the dimension.

My idea of doing it within a single window and putting the text on that layer, hoping it would show up in the other windows, didn’t work. I guess I’ll label over one window, locking everything other than the notes layer as you recommended, and then copy it three times.

I am so used to not doing any dimensioning or text in SU because LO is so much better at it that I forgot how limited SU is and that SU is really a great modeling tool - not necessarily a final presentation platform.

If you are doing the text in LO and it’ll be in the exact same position on each page, you could make that text layer shared so the content appears on every page…

Unfortunately, it was a single page with 3 images. All done now. Worked fine in LO. I guess I was trying to save a little effort by writing the text just once. I still wrote it just once, but I had to then copy it twice. Thanks for listening.

Well, it’s done now but one thing you might have done is start with the first viewport and add the text. Then copy the viewport and the text to the other positions on the page. Change the scene for each of the copies after you have the copies made.

Yep. Next time.

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