Creating Text so it is on an angle

Does anyone know how to rotate text in 2D? The rotate tool won’t do it and I don’t know how to change the angle of the text so it’s on say a 15 degree slope.

The regular Text tool in SketchUp isn’t capable of that. You could use 3D Text and make it 2D by not extruding it. Or add the text in LayOut. You can rotate it to align as needed.

Thanks Dave, and another question if you don’t mind. When I am in 2D, how do I overlay an object on top of another object so that one of them is dominant and obscures the other. In TurboCAD we called it bringing it to the front.



You can overlay textures by offsetting the top surface by 1/64". That way you can choose which one is in the front. This technique is useful for putting transparent grunge textures on concrete or something.


Thank you Forestr, just what I needed

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