Is it possible to rotate text at some other angle than horizontal to screen in model?

I have a lot of text showing levels in a model and they are sometimes sitting on top of each other in plan view in Layout. If they could be rotated 45degrees to the screen/viewport axis then they would be more readable. I do not want to use 3d text. That would be mad!

Thanks for any help you can give.

Screen and leader text in SketchUp cannot be rotated. It’ll always be aligned with the screen. Why not put the text in when you get to LayOut? You can rotate it anyway you like. The text will look better, too.

Alternatively, you could rotate the model in SU and rotate the viewport in LayOut.

That’s what I thought. Rotating the model would not help because there are level dims everywhere so I need to rotate some but not all. I used the model to get the levels. It is by far the most convenient way. I wrote a little ruby routine which finds level marker components which I’ve located correctly and pops a text on their origin and the text is their origin.z It works really quickly.

Ah well, back to the drawing board!

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