Why can I not rotate text? Why is the text possessed and moves and changes?

Why can i not rotate text?
Why is the text possessed and moves and changes when I change the view.
Why would that even be added?
Why can i not stop such an odd and unhelpful function?
No one wants that gimmicky stuff.

What the heck are you talking about? Screen and leader text in SketchUp has always been aligned horizontally. There’s never been a time that you could rotate that text or edit leaders. These have never been "normal functions in SketchUp as you assert. You can do those things in LayOut with text and labels that have been created with LayOut’s Text and Label tools but it’s not an option and never has been an option in SketchUp.


Oh that’s right the last time i needed text over Sketchup I used another graphics program on top.
I keep forgetting all the work arounds I have found for these things.


3D Text can rotate.

Yes thanks I remember solving some tasks with that.
I guess that is still the best way to use text in SU.
Except it will not be edited which is kind of unbelievable and kills the efficiency.

ThomThom, who is a developer at SketchUp, made this editor for 3D Text:

3D Text Editor

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Yeah! Thom Thom saves SU again!

and FYI for others . . . the Text tool moves the leaders or the text better than the move tool.