How come SketchUp changes the 3D text to be in the style of the rest of the model?

I ended up just using 2D text on a tilted view of my model, but it doesn’t look all that great. I can’t rotate the text, do shadows, underlining, basically anything. So I tried the 3D text, but when I put it on the model, it adapts to the sketchup model style (architectural design style mixed with pencil style)- It’s a really sketch-y looking “look” that my company uses for presentations. But when I put the 3D text on, it adapts to that style, which totally loses the look of the text (my company uses simple Helvetica). It makes the text look silly- all sketchy. Do I need Sketchup Layout to be able to apply different styles to the model vs. the 3d text?

3D text is made up of edges and faces just like anything else you draw in SketchUp and as such will be displayed using the current style.

You can show 3D text in a separate scene with a different style than the rest of the model. Then export images of the scenes and combine them or use them for separate viewports in LayOut.

Or maybe you don’t need the text to be 3D. In that case use LayOut’s text tools for placing the text.

I don’t need it to be 3D per se, but the problem with the 2D text tool is it just sits flat on the screen, I can’t place it on the face of things, I can’t rotate it, can’t do shadows or underlines.

Thank you, I think I definitely need Layout then.

Well then, yes, you’ll need to use the 3D Text tool. Do what I described and make scenes for just the text with the same camera positions as the scenes without the text. Then stack the viewports for the scenes in LayOut.

Yes. Besides, since you are using SketchUp commercially, you need to be using Pro and then, by default, you would have LayOut, too.

ok thanks for your help- I can’t find layout in sketchup so once i find it ill use that process you said.

Look in the Programs list. Normally when you install SketchUp Pro, a desktop icon will also be created for LayOut.