Vertical Text

How do I orient text to a vertical position for labeling?

Show us an example of what you want to do.

I expect you could do what you needin LayOut. SketchUp’s text tool doesn’t have a provision for that, though.


I need to label a number of structural components with text. They are very close to each other and horizontal labels won’t fit. I have room on the drawing above each component and want to put each label there.

Does this have to be done in SketchUp? If so, you could make the text labels as images and insert them or you could use 3D Text and rotate it. Or you could rotate the model 90° and use the Text tool
to add labels. Then export an image and rotate the whole thing. The native text/label tool in SketchUp doesn’t have any way to change the orientation of the text.


I was planning to do it in LayOut.

So add the text in LayOut and rotate the text boxes.

You posted this in the SketchUp category and didn’t specify LayOut until your latest post. I’ll move this to the LayOut category.


I’ll try that. Not sure I know how to do that, but I’ll work on it. Thanks!

You can rotate the label with the widget and then adjust the position of it. If I needed to do this I would create one label and then copy it to make the others.

Or you could just use regular text boxes and rotate them to vertical as needed.


Had some luck with rotating the text box and moving it into place. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it finishes.

Thanks so much for your help. I was a bit lost. Feeling better now.

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