How to organize text label in Sketchup

I’m looking for a way to organize quickly some text label on a screen in Sketchup (not in Layout) . If possible in one operation.
My problem is in some model I have a lot of text label that is hard to organise.
For example, in this model, I would like to put them all on the right with a constant spacing.

If you have any idea like : trick with sketchup, plugin or ruby script (even a few lines to improve) : fell free to share :slight_smile:

You could also look at using TIG’s 2D text tool.

You could just draw temporary vertical and horizontal elements to guide you, then hide or delete after placing and lining text leader to them. Here is example. Works ok when you pan or zoom as well given that leaders are vertical:

I want to script the creation of the label so I want to stay in Sketchup with Ruby.

I’m aware that the labels are view dependent and of course, I didn’t mention that, I want to organize in a certain point of view given by a scene for example.

I have installed this plugin. Did you think of the 2 D text tool ? It"s not the same behavior as the text label because it’s geometry : if I zoom out, the text is smaller.

I’ve tried your method but correct me if I’m wrong : there is no axes inference in text tool that help to put the labels perfectly on vertical ?

Ahhh… So you should have posted this in the correct forum. I’ll move it.

Ok if you want but my question is more general to see if it’s possible and I’ll see in a second time how to code it in ruby.

Just continue in this thread.

You could try one of the Flat Text plugins - Free, Lite, or Pro. They put text flat on a face or in space.