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I am using the label feature in Layout and I want to be able to add control points to the leader line. I thought I was able to do this before, or perhaps the wishful thinking is just that strong in me. It would be nice to be able to edit the shape and curvature of the label leaders in the same way that a line can be altered. It seems like the software wants to do this. I can double click on the leader and get the handles normal in Layout and when I hover the cursor over the line and cmd-click I get a “+” sign like when adding a control point to a shape in Layout, but no control point is added.

Is there a technique that I have forgotten?

My work around is to add a shape with an arrow end to the note and delete the original leader line, but this is not elegant or pleasing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using SU 2020 on an iMac.

Looks like you need to explode the label to separate text box and leader before you can add control points. It’s been a long time since I needed to add control points between the ends of a leader and I disremember if this is a different behavior now. I see it in LO2021, too.

You can adjust the leader’s curve using just the endpoints, though. Maybe that would be enough?

You have to click into the leader far enough to get to the points to adjust them.


Thanks Dave,
Yes, this is the only editing I can do on the label leader. It is pretty versatile, but in the attached screen shot you can see it would be helpful to have a bit more control. And I thought it was possible to do at one time.

It might have been at one time but as I said, I don’t recall. So far I guess I haven’t found a need to add any control points between the ends on leaders but who knows? Might one day.

At least if the label doesn’t use Auto Text or if you convert the text to regular text, you can explode the label in those cases where you need additional points.

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