Leader/Label Structure

When I add a leader, arrow pointing left is aligned top line of text and text drops downward when I hit return. This is good.

When I point to the right the leader underlines the bottom line of text and then every hit of enter pushes the text upwards… This is not good

How do I make both directions the same?
How do I annotate without having to hit enter to drop the text down? I.e. use the boundaries of the text box to control the text width rather than hitting enter to manually control the width of the text box?

Me too – but there’s nothing I’ve tried other than manually editing the leader for each label.

Notice what I assume are the default leader attachment yellow nodes…

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looking forward to a good answer to this question.

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that’s a crazy assumption too. Is that correct? And if so, why? What logic could possibly result in that formulation? I can understand both on top. I can understand both on bottom. Shoot, I can understand two on top and two on bottom. But how do we get to an attachment node on left top and bottom right? Mysterious logic for me.

I think it is a standard to have multi-line leaders justified that way… at least I remember a CAD tech teaching me something like that a long time ago… but agreed there should be more flexibility…

If you’re pointing the arrow to the right, you could justify the text to the right side to eliminate the long leader (you may know that, just posting for anyone else who finds the thread).


Yeah, right justify works to take the underline away, but is there a way to set this permanently?

And the text still jumps upwards when you hit enter to create multiple lines of text, which is ugly to me!

You can create a label with some default text and then edit the leader as you wish – then save it to a scrapbook.

I’ve done something similar.

But be aware that there could be some minor unpredictable behaviour – when I’ve pushed the limits of editing leaders the resulting label can throw a wobbly if you start to move it about.

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I find these things so frustrating in Layout that it stops me from using SketchUp quite often.

How hard is for them to make leader style settings and dimension style settings just like AutoDesk products? Drives me crazy

Please no 64+ settings for setting up a dimension like Autocad!

No I mean just like a basic dialog box of how you want them to be basically set up.


Just via scrapbooks. Save a left-pointing leader/label and a right-pointing leader/label and sample it before you draw your leader/label.

The “rule” my first drafting mentor taught me was when the leader is pointing right, the leader should come off the last word in the text string (bottom right for multi-line text). When the leader is pointing left, the leader should come off the first word in the text string (top left for multi-line text). Since Layout defaults quite inflexibly to that rule, I just go with it.

Agreed more flexibility would be nice.