Leader Line Landing Limitations

I would like to have the leader line of my notes have a horizontal landing, and remain horizontal as I reposition the note. I have tried to do it by adding a third point to the leader, but when I move the note, only the anchor point of the leader moves with it and the landing doesn’t remain horizontal. I’ve done it once by accident and didn’t remember how I created it. I then copied that leader for another note and the landing changes to just a third node of the leader line. Thank you.

What happens if you grab the label by the leader instead of by the text box?

I guess I don’t understand your question.

If you grab the label by the text box to move it, the leader will remain attached to the original point and the leader angle will change. If you grab the leader, though, that won’t happen.


Well… I think that depends on how the leader is made. I see that you created you have used the label command with an arched leader. what happens when you create a straight leader with a landing? I usually just write my notes (as text, not labels) then I can draw a line from my object to the note.

The shape of the leader isn’t important. It could be a traight one. Moving is done the same way.

Well of course then it’s not really a leader. You should still be able to select both the text box and the line and move them together.

Wait a minute… I believe in this case the shape does matter, which takes me back to my original question, although apparently not clear. Let me splane… let’s use the label command to draw the straight leader line from the object (click) to a point on the page (click) then to a third point for a short landing (click) and then type a note… Now move the note… my landing never stays as the short little horizontal tick in which I intended it to be… that’s what I’m looking for… Oh, and now move the note past the mid-point of the terminator so that it changes from Left to Right (or vice versa) and my landing gets crazy long.

Also, wait… what?.. a line is NOT a leader even if it attaches to an object with a terminator and also attaches to a note, and when moving the note the line stays attached to both the object and the note?

Sorry, I have to use words to draw you a picture… I don’t know how to do the little movie clips or snippets like you guys… next thing ya know, there will be talkies, and in color!

When I get back to my computer I will see what I can do.

To be clear with a little movie snippet, this does not happen for you? The text side of the leader goes out of horizontal?


If you move the label the leader will conform to the original shape and extend or retract in keeping, but if you enter the group you can move the text keeping the short part of the leader intact and the other part will change to work with it.
I think this is what you are trying to splane.
Keep short edge

To further this, you do not need to enter label manipulation mode for this behavior. Rather, if you move your label from the horizontal segment of your leader line, it will not resize that segment, but move the text and the first segment of the leader line. It will keep the label connected to any geometry.

Moving from the other part of the leader line will move the whole label, detaching it from any connected geometry.

Moving from the text will keep the first segment in place (including the connection point), and resize the second segment of your leader line as needed.