Label Suggestion

In my opinion labels in layout can be improved very much.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Resize label dimension without modify the arrows (as said in other discussions).
  • Reinforce the link to the properties. Actually only dynamic component properties can be linked to the label (and the new properties added in the 2018 version), I suggest to link all component dictionaries property.
  • Change the shape of the label (circle, rounded rectangle), or build shapes with the text linkable to the properties.

Automatic labels could be good. My idea would be to show the names or codes of all components of a view automatically, selecting by layers.
For example: if I create a floor plan, in the layout, it would automatically show all the components of the layer “window” and show the names or codes of all of them, within a circle, in just one click.
It would suit all kinds of components, of course.

Need a leaderless label too…

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I think that automatic label are good, but I think very complicated to develop quickly.
In my opinion the first step should be a link between a table and a balloon.
But as mentioned above I think this would involve revolutionize the way the lists are managed in sketchup and layout.

Like this? Yes. It would be nice.

It’s already available.


Great. That would be enough for me. I would be able to do the window table with its caption without major problems.

We’ve had this discussion before.

It’s not like that. That is a transparent color on the label’s leader. That’s what I use already…

Try exporting it to CAD and see what happens. Try exporting a Layout file to CAD with hundreds of those and see what happens.

I am also always suggesting workarounds, but I too think that a straightforward and well designed application feature is better if available.

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My point exactly.

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