'label' symbol creating

I want to create a label to use, not as a default label, but one I would use for planting plans. Like the one shown to add to scrapbooks. Can someone guide me through the process?

I can help you. Give me a few moments.

How’s this?

Make a label, format the leader and the text as desired. Draw a hexagon and a line across it. Move them together and make a group. You can make one that you can keep and copy around your document. Then edit the text and adjust the leader length and position as desired.

Thanks. I was hoping there would be a way to ‘automate’ the process somehow. And have the flexibility of standard label, where it the leader can be moved around and the hexagon text box would move with it.

You can move the label around or you can move just the end of the leader.

Unfortunately at this point there’s no other way to do this.

OK, thanks.