Moving things with labels once grouped


I am trying to move a symbol that I have labelled and then made into a group. When I try to move it, the label leader remains in the original point when I move the group. The only way I can move both together is if I ungroup them and then select both symbol and label. Is there a way around this?

Thanks, best, Sally

I have the same problem. I want to be able to create a detail with a SU model and a title adn dimensions and label text. The group the lot of these things and move them around on the page or move them to another page as my set develops. There are times when I want to squeeze one more thing onto the page, or I realize that a given details would be better on another page.

enter the group and explode the leader and text,

Thanks Philip @pcmoor.

That works! Wish I’d asked before I’d set up so many! Better get to work exploding them all!

Best regards, Sally

The solution I gave Sally is to make sure the leader is anchored on the symbol (or model) and not on the paper. Then you can move the symbol and the leader will follow it. If you group the symbol and the label, they will move together. No need to explode them.

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The leader movement is something that needs a SERIOUS improvement in future version. I saw the leader feature getting better and better through the last few version of LO but we not there yet.

When you create many many small little construction details in layout, the leader management can be a real pain, mostly when you try to position all your group of different details in the page.

Try to anchoring the leader to a the model is NOT a good solution. I’m not always working with a model in background and when I do so, I often have overlay layers on top of the model. Resulting constantly switching on/off some layers to be able to snap things!

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Agree with @JoeDrafter. In this grouped detail it would appear that all leaders are pointing to the graphic, but upon moving it (while trying to grab from the leader arrow, seems to help sometimes for some reason) the arrow gets left behind. All the shapes have fills. It’s good that this one only has one leader arrow that gets left behind, sometimes there are many. Some more consistency in the behavior of the leader label would be great.

Here’s a little work around: I open the group and explode the rebel leader. I know it’s not the best solution but it works for me because very often, those leader are finale and I don’t need to change them.

In the arrowhead end of the leaders are attached to the model edges or LO drawing entities, the arrowheads will move as the viewport and/or the drawing entities move. The unmoving arrowheads indicate the leader is not anchored to something that is being moved. Exploding the label is one way but I think it’s easier to just anchor all leaders.

Very often, I want the leader in a middle of a zone, like to show a material. In this case, the leader is not attached to anything.