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When I create labels for a section and then group the labels with the section, if I move the section the arrows of some of the labels remain in place and don’t move with the grouped “Label/Section” entity. Does anyone know how to keep label arrows with the group?


This is a sign that the label in question isn’t actually connected to the section. LayOut labels (and dimensions) like to be connected to specific features (points, edges, faces) in a SketchUp model.

You can reconnect a label to something in the model, at which point I would expect the arrowhead to move when the model is moved:

  1. Double-click on the leader line of the label to enter the Label Manipulator. (If you double-click on the text, you’ll go straight into text edit).
  2. Drag the arrow-head end of the label leader onto the part of the model that you want the label to connect to. If you hover over something in the model, you want to see a tooltip such as “On Face” or “On Edge” or “Endpoint”.

It’s possible to make a label that points to empty space in a model, but such a label won’t be actually connected to the model, which means that when the model is moved the label won’t move to match. If you need to do this, you’ll need to manually adjust the label when the model moves.

Here’s a help center article about manipulating labels that may be helpful.
LayOut Label Tool

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Thanks Marc,

What you say makes sense, and it worked as you said.



Thanks Marc,

After spending hours on a ConDoc for steel details, a simple “move” request presented a real challenge when the leaders wouldn’t move. Lesson well learned.