Arrow heads changing positions

Why do my arrows sometime change their positions in some details?
This one is from the scrapbook, just a click from the scrapbook and drop into a drawing.
I am using Sketchup 2023

Try editing the scapbook and make sure the leader is actually anchored correctly. Is the cabinet a raster image or a SketchUp model?

It is a raster image

The fact that the arrowhead moved implies that it wasn’t originally anchored to the image.

That’s strange, the details was edited recently to add the blue circles. That’s all that changed, i’ll try to explode it and reattaching the arrow to the image…

You don’t have to explode it. Just edit the group.

Tried that, every time i move the group or items it goes to that same position. even tried coping one of the other text boxes to that position and using that arrow to point at the image, same out come.

Same thing with new text added, you can see the bounding boxes for each item in this image

Put the scrapbook item on a page in a new LO file and share it so we can take a look.

xsink.layout (1.3 MB)

See if this one behaves for you.
xsink.layout (1.1 MB)

No, it is still throwing it to that same place when i move it.

Maybe @adam has some thoughts on it.

It looks like LO is basing the position of the Label based on the original size of the image.
If I select the image, context click and select ‘Reset Image Scale’ the Label will be pointing to the original location on the image. Once the image is scaled down, the relative position of the Label will begin to move - Strange -

Opening a bug to address this.

Good find and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks Trent.

So in the meantime, the right way to build this scrapbook item would be to resize the image to the desired size before inserting it into LayOut and adding the labels.

Thanks all,
ill try and rebuild it.

Make sure you size the image in an image editor so it’s the right size when you insert it into LayOut.