Arrowheads won't move when I try to reposition a detail on a sheet

I moved a detail a bit to better compose my drawing sheet, but the arrowheads are stuck in the original position. The detail has several layers, so I unlocked everything and marquee selected the whole thing to make sure I had all the parts. I moved the detail but the arrowheads and leaders are stuck in the old paperspace. Any ideas, other than the obvious one one of manually moving all the arrowheads to new positions? Thanks

If the arrows had been anchored to points on the viewport, they would have moved if the arrows had been selected with the viewport and text. At this point I don’t think there’s much you can do other than edit each arrow head’s location individually. An alternative that you could do if you can undo the move you’ve already done is explode the labels. Then the arrows will move with the selection.

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Exploding works to fix my current problem. All my arrowheads were in white space, instead of touching a model element in the viewport. I tested one arrowhead touching the model, and it does indeed move when I move the entire detail. A good lesson learned.
Thank you for your help.

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There is a bit of a trick to moving groups of labels - you’ll get different behavior depending on which part of the label you click-drag on. Try doing the marquee selection again, and then when you click-drag to move everything, be sure to do the click directly on a label’s leader line. If you do this, all of the label parts will move instead of just the text boxes.



Thanks Mark.

So grabbing the selection by one of the leader lines will allow all of the other leaders to get moved with the selection. Very subtle.

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Wow! Even more mysterious behavior. If I marquee select everything, and then grab on any one of the leaders to move the detail, everything drags along nicely, including all the other labels/leaders. Great trick. Thanks

I have tried this, and it works unless I group the items first. And grouping them would be a nice thing to be able to do. Mostly I do have my leader arrows touching parts of the model, but sometimes the arrow is supposed to point to the open air, like an open door for instance. So, if I have an elevation detail with a model, dimension and text, and a title, it is convenient to group this item to keep them from being edited by mistake, and when needed I can move them from one place on a page to another or even on different page.

In my elevation, I can move everything together if I click and drag on any one of the leader lines. but not when the are grouped. In the group, leader arrow not attached to some object will remain where it was.

Your description of the behavior indicates that the leader is anchored to a point in the paper space. Anchor the leader on the object it points to. Then the leader will move with the object and text when you move it.

wfon- It gets even wierder. I was able to replicate the behavior you described. I made a few groups in a fairly big drawing, and then marquee selected the whole thing. The arrowheads not anchored to an object did not move but stayed stuck in paper space. When I ungrouped everything, marquee selected the entire drawing and grabbed a random leader, the whole thing moved nicely. I very often have arrowheads pointing to space on the drawing instead of an edge, for the reasons of graphic clarity you describe. (I am an architect of the grey haired variety) I have no idea if there is a work-around, but I suppose understanding the behavior reduces frustration. I think it is probably easier to manually move a few arrowheads than ungroup and re-group your parts.

If the arrowheads aren’t anchored to an object, they are anchored to the paper. If you don’t want the arrowhead anchored to the paper, you could create a small square or circle with no fill and no stroke as an anchor.

Grabbing a label by its leader allows the whole thing to be moved.

Good work-around. Thanks

Gary, Like you I have been doing this for many years. Another work around that I think was mentioned in this discussion is to explode the leader text object. Then everything moves together in the group. Also you don’t have to ungroup to explode the individual leader. Or you can create a line with an arrow as the start end to match the leader text and that does not need to be anchored to anything to move with the rest. This is another way to make multiple leaders from one note.