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I’ve just discovered the handy feature where if I use a label on a component in Layout, then Layout will automatically label for me using the code which is similar to <Component_Definition>. This is extremely helpful and will save me lots of time.

However, as soon as I move the label e.g. up or down the page slightly, the code element appears to get lost and the text is presented literally i.e. as “<Component_Definition>”. How can I maintain the code to allow Layout to present the correct label?

Please note - that I acknowledge that the above text does not exactly reflect the code and I have had to include an underscore as otherwise the website makes the text disappear…!


Make sure the leader remains attached to the component. If you want to move the text on the page grab just the text box to move it. Don’t grab the leader.

Hi Dave,

That makes sense and I have replicated. The problem is that I like all of my labels to be at right angles i.e. either a horizontal line leading to the label text or a vertical line and then a horizontal line.

So if I grab just the text box, the leader (as you put it), stays where it is and the result is a line which has a bend in it. Even when I try moving the leader and the text box AND the movement only results in a minor adjustment so that the leader is still pointing on the component, I’m still gettting the original issue.

Is there away around this please?

Actually Dave - seems like that one was user error. A bit of a pain having to move both entities separately but hey ho. Thanks for your help as always. P

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Hi Pen,

If you only want to move the label text horizontally or vertically, select the label and use the cursor keys to move the text box. The leader will remain anchored where you put it. If you want to move the entire label including the leader, grab the leader and move it where you want. You just have to make sure the leader is anchored on the component when you are finished. It might be that you need to double click on the leader and then grab the arrowhead and move it to the desired anchor point.

Also consider if you have a stack of labels and you want their text to align, you don’t need to move them individually. Select the labels, right click on one and choose Align and then the alignment option.

Hopefully that helps.