Copied label will not be edited to new component definition

Hi, I can see that someone asked a similar question in 2019, but I cannot see a reply, so am asking again :slight_smile: I am following the instructions in Layout Essentials Working with References video 5 - the example shown where the label from the chair is moved to the table and it adopts the table component details. No matter what i do, I cannot get the new label to offer me the table component details once the arrow head is on the table (they are there in the SU model source file). I have also tried copying the label (using move with option key) and then moved the arrow end to the table. But no matter what i do to the label end after that I cannot get it to offer me any component details. The label just wants to move when I hover over, or click. What have I missed , please?

When you copy the label grab it by its leader, then double click on the leade and move the arrow end to anchor on the desired component.

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