Copying Labels

Trying to copy labels from one area of a page to another, but the arrows remain pointing to the original object. I found a thread from 2021 with this same problem, but clicking on the leader instead of the label text did not solve this … I’m wondering if this is a Mac vs. PC issue?

Here’s the thread from 2021:

When drag, you should place mouse point on the arrow of leader instead the text.

Which method are you trying to use to copy the label?

Move/Copy method. Hold Option on Mac.


Copy/Paste and then Move.

I’m clicking on the labels leader, pressing the option key (and getting the + sign to indicate copy) and then dragging the copy to a new location … unfortunately the arrow remains attached to the old object …

Grab the part of the leader with the arrowhead.

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I just discovered that. Thought the leader and the arrow were one and the same…

Thanks for the help!!!

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