Layout text boxes, right aligned tab stops, do they exist?

Is there some workaround to have aligned tab stops in Layout, other than creating two separate text boxes, or using a table, e.g. as in Word


There are alignment options but they are not as complete as word processor or illustrator options. Unfortunately to get text behaving as you may want it might have to be done elsewhere and imported?


Since you’re using a Mac, you won’t have the Text panel shown by whiterabbit. Select the text box and go to the Text menu. I believe you’ll find the alignment options there.

Besides the mentioned Text menu, alignment choices are available on the fonts pallet as well. On Mac menu chose Window>Show Fonts to access the fonts pallet. Alignment buttons are across the bottom.

Sorry for not asking the question with sufficent level of detail. I would like to know if right aligned tab stops exist in Layout.

Text handling in LayOut is antediluvian. It seems that the need for anything but simple labels and headings has not been foreseen. More DTP-type features are desperately needed.