Text Lists in LayOut 2021

I am working through the LayOut Essentials training, which appears to be based on a much earlier version, and they reference making lists from lines of text by accessing the “lists” from the Text menu. But I don’t see “lists” on the Text menu. I saw some earlier topic about LayOut 2019 having a bug that was fixed with Version 19.2. Maybe it was later moved or deleted as a feature in 2020 or 2021. Does anyone know where this feature was moved?

This is something that seems to be done differently on Mac and Windows. The menu item is still there on Mac, and on Windows you go to the Text Style tray, and there are two tabs, Format and List. Choose List, and do your best to follow the tutorial.

Why is it done differently? :slight_smile:

Thanks, collin!

To gsharp, My knowledge of programming is very limited, but understand from associates that the programming languages for Windows and MacOS are very different, and to get one program to act and look exactly the same in both OS is heralded as some sort of genius, and rarely achieved.

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On Mac the text is done with the standard macOS Fonts palette, and that can’t be customized to include the List tab. As text on Windows is done with a tray, it can have the List tab, instead of the extra window Mac needs.

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