Sketchup Layout - Lists

I have just recently started using the text list feature in layout. It is very useful for adding notes to my drawings without needing to renumber everytime I want to add another note.

I have noticed that the list is no longer recognized once I close layout and open it again later (basically, closing the program at the end of the day and opening back up in the morning). The list still shows in the same clean format, but when I press enter to add another line, the list is not recognized and I need to format manually.
Not the end of the world but curious if I am doing something wrong. Maybe someone has a fix for this issue?


I just tested it and see that behavior, too. I haven’t noticed it before because I always use a .xlsx file for things like lists and tables.

@adam? Is this something you’re aware of?

Is this with the experimental graphics engine enabled or disabled, or is it the same for both? I’m not aware of this problem specifically, but I do know that our current handling of lists is pretty rudimentary in general so I would not be surprised by this.


Adam, for me it’s without the experimental graphics engine enabled.

something happened to lists after Layout 2024. It formats strangely, but it seems that this does not show up on print, and even the “threat” to print, as in starting the print dialog and canceling it, results in the list being formatted correctly. :slight_smile:
Screen Recording 2024-05-23 at 20.25.42