Text and lines disappearing in Layout


After some success with adding text and lines on the Layout pages, I’m finding one page where the text isn’t showing up. I’m guessing it is some setting that I accidentally toggled but I can’t find it. Does anyone have an idea? It is on page for in the attached file.



Couldn’t open your file. Got this:


Which version of LO?


Sorry about that. I’ll try again.
I’m using SketchUp Pro. Latest version.



Great, that caused my whole computer to shut down. Sorry, but I’m not risking having that happen again. Could be your LO file is corrupted and that explains the crashes and your problems.


I’m so sorry about that.


It opened for me. My suggestion would be to move the layer you have the Text on to be the top-most layer. This would result in the text in the document always being visible irrespective of whether your inserted sketchup image was a raster, hybrid or vector. On page 4 of your Layout document you changed the sketchup image to be Hybrid, this hide your text behind the image as the layer your text is on is the bottom layer.


Liam makes a good point. While layer order isn’t important in SketchUp, it is in LayOut. Entities such as text, dimensions, and labels should be on layers higher in the list than the model viewports so that the viewports don’t obscure those other entities.


That did the trick. Thank you!


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