Text disappears sometimes

I am using SketchUp pro 2023. Only sometimes when I try to enter text, the text dissappears. No matter where i place the text it immediately disappears. Also sometimes i have text dissappear when erasing even a single, which the text and line are not in anyway connected. My drawings are very simple 2d and I don’t use any plug-ins. What could be the problem?

I can think of several possible reasons. Can you share your SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

How are you “entering text”? As 3D text, Or a Label?

Erasing a single what?

Uplaod a .skp file that this has happened to with your response, so we can diagnose.

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I wonder if the text that you enter (a label or a 3D/2D text object) is being placed very far away from the origin in the depths of the model space? If you open the Outliner window, are any items listed that might be the missing text thingies?

I’d say this is your problem, sketchup is a 3d environment, your text is probably behind/under the rest of the model. You can’t think in 2d with sketchup.

There was a bug that caused texts to fly off to infinity that was fixed a few versions ago. I wonder if this could a related issue. As DaveR asked, please share an example skp file here so we can investigate. Lacking an example we are just guessing.

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I think this may have been the problem. When i “zoom extents” the text reappeared.

I think i fixed it. When I “zoom extents” the text reappears.