Text "list" not working in Layout 2019

Since downloading the sketchup 2019 the “list” function under the text tab no longer does anything. The dialog box opens up and lets me select the various options but then does nothing to the selected text. Anyone else having this issue? or a solution?

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It may be related to this from the Release Notes.

  • (Mac) We fixed an issue where a crash would occur when accessing ‘Other’ on the Text Styles pulldown when rulers are active. We are preventing the accessory view from coming up and now Text edits can only be done from the Fonts panel.

Unfortunately lists cannot be created via the text panel. I’m running the latest version of Layout 2019 and with rulers enabled, you can still do text formatting outside of the text panel via the Text Menu. However, Lists still do nothing.

I know that I can go back to running Layout 2018. However, once a doc is started in 2019 you cannot open it up in an older version. I’d like to stick to the most current version if possible.

Well, you could save it as a LayOut 2018 file and open it in the older version.

You could make a list by creating a table in LayOut or create it in a spreadsheet app or text editor and insert the file into LO.

All very true, but it would be nice if the software worked as designed :slight_smile:

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April 25. Having the same issue since I downloaded 2019. Is there a workaround for this? A bug fix? I cannot create a new list or manage the tab spacing size of existing copied lists from a 2018 file. The rulers seem useless. I have entire sheets of noted lists. C’mon now.

Hi all sorry about this, we are aware of this and looking at a solution for it.


Hello - is there any update on this, Sketchup team? Seems like such a simple thing…

I just upgraded to 19.2 today and now the font I love using, FLUX ARCHITEXT , does not work. It will make notations in the font style I want, but when I go to dimension something, it won’t let me use it. I can’t even change it:(?!? I made a very detailed scrapbook page, that uses that font and I do not want too have to redo it! I tried to download it off myfonts.com, but it is not there. I am not sure where I got it, but it used to work just fine prior to updateHELP!!!

FLUX ARCHITECT is well known to be a problematic hobbyist font. It doesn’t work well in a number of other programs either.

If you do a search for Flux Architect here on the forum, you’ll see reports of problems going back several years so this isn’t a new thing. Searching the Goog turns up reports of problems in Corel Draw going back over 8 years ago.

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Hi darci, we have reimplemented this feature for the 2019.2 release.


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