Layout Bullets and Indenting

Hello All,

I came across a prior post when researching this issue but it is closed and did not have a great solution. I wanted to share the workarounds we use in case it is helpful. I also think more control of paragraph formatting should be built-in to Layout so this is also a feature request!

The problem: Indenting with Tabs is not great because multline text does not respect the indent.

The workaround: there are three I know of:

  1. trick Text > List into indenting properly - put a space in the Prefix and pick “none” for the bullet
  2. paste properly indented text from a Rich Text document like TextEdit.
  3. use a linked spreadsheet with an indent cell

The caveats: I have 2

  1. If you want to adjust the indent size, you need to paste the text into a Rich Text Editor like Text Edit on Mac and use the rulers at the top.
  2. It is not easy for someone else to know what the heck is going on if they come along later to edit the text. There is no indication how the indent is setup when you start editing. Is it tabs, bullets, or margins?? Which will lead to people doing all kinds of off-spec things like adding spaces (the horror!).

The feature request: please add some sort of visual ruler to Layout text in editing mode!


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