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We are using Layout for more and more tasks it often involves copying text into the program. Is there a trick to paste text without formatting into Layout (on the Mac)? In Many programs I have something like “paste without formatting” or “paste and adjust style” but in Layout the only thing I could find was to adjust the style afterwards.

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Standard would be Shift+Cmd+V.
Does that work?

Unfortunately not - I also thought this would work in all applications in Mac - but not in Layout

Not an ideal solution, but as a work around for situations like this, you can first paste the text into a plain text window (not a Rich Text one) in Apple’s Text Edit program, then cut it and paste it into your destination program.

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LOL - I didn’t want to write it - but YES: that is exactly what I am doing. It feels VERY old school, but we know how to help ourselves, don’t we? Still - should the Layout-Team be in need of small improvements that can be easily implemented, this might be a low hanging fruit to pick… :smile:

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Agreed. Maybe add Feature Request to the keywords?

We Paste into Layout Text Box and then Match Properties (eye dropper) from our standard text box contained in Scrapbook. Wish we could Set all to CAPs though.

Not sure if something like this is available on Windows, but at least on your iMac you can use the Transformations menu to get all caps.

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I use an AutoHotKey (AHK) script to configure keyboard combination shortcuts to transform text to uppercase, lowercase and sentence case.

There’s an issue with the standard script and Layout - at least for me (but other AHK users report this issue with some other applications) - where I have had to duplicate a line of code to make it work in Layout.

Happy to point you in the right direction…

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I use FlyCut - a little pasteboard remembering app - I have a shortcut setup to paste things in without formatting, as this bug is a problem.

Also, sometimes my text decides it wants to be a bulleted list when I start new lines. Total PITA.

But FlyCut works well, and is is accessible from the menu bar as well as shortcut keys - especially useful when I am doing similar or the same notes on different pages - you can setup preferences for how many things it remembers - and they are available from a drop down list…

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