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I recently adjusted my MacBook Pro (late 2013) display properties to the smallest scaled resolution possible, 1024x800. In this resolution, I can’t access “Start Using SketchUp” button! The startup screen for SketchUp Make 2017 is fixed and is not able to be resized.

People in the forum have given me a work-around, switching back to the unscaled resolution, clicking the “Start Using SketchUp” button, and then changing the resolution back again. What a HASSLE!

It would be nice, if this “startup” screen was resizable!

Thank you.


I have just installed pro 2017 on a windows 10 pc, ran the check software and it says its compatible. I go to run
the program and the bug splat comes up.


Sketchup hasnt work about 1 month and I cant close it doesnt let me close or fix it! what can I do about it.

hi, my sketchup is really slow, I can´t do anything
would you help me?

Chromebook is not opening Sketchup for Schools. Any recommendations? Already deleted cookies, cache and powerwashed.

Sketchup not working for some students. Class of 20 students running MacBook Airs M1 with chrome. 5 out of 20 users are impacted. Deleted chrome, reinstalled, cleared cache and cookies. Chrome is up to date. Any recommendations?

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