Can't access "Start Using SketchUp" button!

I recently adjusted my MacBook Pro (late 2013) display properties to the smallest scaled resolution possible, 1024x800. In this resolution, I can’t access “Start Using SketchUp” button! The startup screen for SketchUp Make is fixed and is not able to be resized.

  1. Is there a shortcut that I can access to bypass this screen and go directly into the program?
  2. Is there a setting from within SketckUp 2017 so that I can use this lower resolution?

I love the program, but my eyes don’t!

Please HELP!

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what happens if you hit enter/return when the window appears?


you can turn the scaling to standard, start sketchup and turn the scaling back to lower resolution…

Nothing happens!


Yes, that works, but a “real” hassle!
Isn’t there a shortcut that bypasses that startup screen?


Yep. There is. Buy SketchUp Pro and then you can disable the Welcome screen. The same as always.

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Yeah, it is called the SketchUp Pro version and the cost is currently around 695 US dollars…
You might wanna contact @lewiswatteau and tell him that there is a workaround…

As I don’t tweet, I can only hope that ‘Lewis Watteau” can make the startup screen resizable.

Thank you ALL, for your replies.

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