Wrong Parameter (Falscher Parameter)

Hello, I really hope you can help me. I have had big problems with Sketchup 2018 for about 2 weeks. When I work with the programm, the error message “Wrong parameter” (Falscher Paramter) keeps appearing. I click OK and can continue drawing some actions until the message appears again. The program crashes again some time later with Bugsplat. I have the problem both on the working station and on the laptop. It would be great if someone could help me with this problem. I absolutely don’t know what to do next.
Thank you so much

I wonder if a plugin is causing this.

I have not downloaded any plugins

This has just started happening in the last several weeks? Since SketchUp 2018 hasn’t changed since 2018, what has changed on your computer in the last few weeks?

Do you have Vray installed? Are you using components from the 3D Warehouse? Maybe you could share the .skp file?

And in case Windows Update has messed something up, you could try updating your display driver (download and install from the Nvidia website). And do send in the bugsplat messages. The SketchUp team members active here can look them up.

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Does your model contain any DCs (Dynamic Components)?
Does this happen to all your (new) models?

Updating the display driver seems to be a good idea. But I have the same problem on the laptop too.
No, the model doesn´t contain any DCs. Yes, it happen to all my new models. Usually after a while of working.

Yes, this has just started happening since ca. 2 weeks. I haven´t change anything on my computer. The computer only made Updates. I have the same problem at my laptop too.
I don´t have Vray. Yes, I am using components from the warehouse. What do you mean with the .skp file?

Can you share a screenshot exactly of what you are seeing? I’m not sure what’s the actual message and if some of it is your translation back into English.

In german it´s “Falscher Parameter”. I think in english it´s “The paramter is incorrect” or “wrong paramter”. It´s a message with a red dot with a white cross.

or better a white x

So this problem is probably due to an update that broke something or a component you’ve gotten from the Warehouse. As I said before, SketchUp 2018 hasn’t changed for about 2 years.

.skp is the file extension used for your saved SketchUp files.

What is the save location of your files? Is it on the C drive, external drive, cloud etc?

it´s on the computer

I will definitely review this idea. I often use the same components.

I would carefully examine the components you have downloaded from the 3DWarehouse and check whether any of them are Dynamic Components. You could have downloaded one or more without realizing or intending to use the dynamic behavior.

As requested earlier, if you could attach a screenshot of the error message you are seeing, that would help clarify where it is coming from. Better yet, if you can either upload the .skp file for a sample model to this forum or, if it is too large, upload it to a sharing service and provide the link, people here can examine it and see whether they get the same error. If they do, they should be able to tell exactly what is the cause. And if they don’t get an error, that confirms that it is something specific to your computer.

my laptop just doesn’t even open the file and shows the error message

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Does this show directly after starting SketchUp or does it show up later?

TEST.skp (2.4 MB)

Sketchup normally displays the message while drawing.
But the program no longer opens some drawings.
Then the error message appears immediately

Your file opens fine here, I can’t see any bad components.

Have you ever used V-Ray?