Fix Problems Message in SU17


Every time I save a file the Fix Problems window always pops up prompting me to either fix now or remind me later. I always choose “Fix Now” and I don’t think there are any issues with my files but does anyone know why the message would pop up every time I save a file?


I would guess SketchUp thinks there are issues with the model. Maybe you could share the model so we have some idea of what you’ve got and what’s happening with it.


@DaveR its not a specific file its all of them.


Well pick one, then. Your report isn’t a common one and there’s likely a reason why you’re getting this.


Are you using a custom template? it is possible that whatever is saved in your template needs fixing. As @DaveR said, easiest way to identify the problem is to share on of your models.


What does the window say after you choose “fix now”? It should report what it fixed.

If this is happening to all your files, I would suspect that you have a model error in the template you are using. Try opening the template file (it is just a skp, you can do this) and then save as a new name. If you get the “fix problems” when you do this, the template is definitely defective.


Just an update. I think that his was the issue. I created a new template and everything is working fine now. Sorry for not sharing any models but I’m under an NDA and at the time I posted the original question I didn’t have too much time to create a new model.

Thanks for the help!