Fix Problems Message in SU17

Every time I save a file the Fix Problems window always pops up prompting me to either fix now or remind me later. I always choose “Fix Now” and I don’t think there are any issues with my files but does anyone know why the message would pop up every time I save a file?

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I would guess SketchUp thinks there are issues with the model. Maybe you could share the model so we have some idea of what you’ve got and what’s happening with it.

@DaveR its not a specific file its all of them.

Well pick one, then. Your report isn’t a common one and there’s likely a reason why you’re getting this.

Are you using a custom template? it is possible that whatever is saved in your template needs fixing. As @DaveR said, easiest way to identify the problem is to share on of your models.

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What does the window say after you choose “fix now”? It should report what it fixed.

If this is happening to all your files, I would suspect that you have a model error in the template you are using. Try opening the template file (it is just a skp, you can do this) and then save as a new name. If you get the “fix problems” when you do this, the template is definitely defective.


Just an update. I think that his was the issue. I created a new template and everything is working fine now. Sorry for not sharing any models but I’m under an NDA and at the time I posted the original question I didn’t have too much time to create a new model.

Thanks for the help!

is any one can help me with this problem

That’s a problem with your graphics drivers. Evidence that the card and/or its drivers are not adequate to run SketchUp. Try updating them directly from the manufacturer of the GPU. (AMD according to your profile.)

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Thank you very much, its working very well