Something minor is messed up in your model ... stop sketchup from fixing it


Hello there,

Lately I work with a lot of big files with imports from dwg etc. With these large sketchup files, I get the following message a lot before saving “something minor is messed up in your model, but sketchup can fix it. Would you like to fix it now? You probably won’t notice any difference, except that it will work better.”

Normally I don’t pay any attention to it, and I click “fix now”. However, sometimes, I DO notice a difference, as some lines/surfaces are erased. And everytime I add them again, I get the error message again when saving.

I can’t click “fix later” because then everything hangs up. There are no details or whatsoever. So thre’s no way for me to have these surfaces/lines in my model? How do I prevent sketchup from detecting/fixing these “messed up minor issues”?


In the preferences->General page you can uncheck “Automatically check models for problems” and SU will stop doing the test.

Be warned, however, that you do so at your own peril. The message means that SU has performed a validation of the model’s internal data and found inconsistencies or other errors. Leaving these errors in the model can affect performance, cause glitches when you draw new objects, and potentially even cause SU to crash.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that sometimes the “fix” leads to obvious losses in the model’s contents. The lost entities were ones that were entangled with the data errors. Since there is no way to tell how the data came to be damaged, only that it is damaged, SU’s best effort to make the data consistent can involve deleting things.

For what its’s worth (possibly not much), models imported from other formats are particularly prone to these kinds of problems, often because the other application tolerates constructs that SketchUp can’t quite figure out.


thannk you! This was helpful!