Visual Bug with multiple layers of my model

Hey there guys,

i experienced a visual bug with my Sketchup 2019.
Last week everything was fine and i worked with it as usual and today i opened up my recent models and this happens. Everytime i zoom out or rotate the camera it somehow generates a copy of my model making it impossible to work with it…

I already tried reinstalling and checked for graphic drivers.
I also opened the model with my old Version of 2018 and there the bug did not occur.

Does anybody knows, what may be the problem?
Thanks in advance, i hope someone can help me.

Greetings, Marvin

Something has changed on your computer since then. SketchUp 2019 has not changed in that time so what did? If it’s a bug, it’s with your graphics drivers. This sort of thing has been reported in the past and the graphics drivers have always been the culprit. You can try going into the OpenGL settings in SketchUp’s Preferences and changing the state of the Use Fast Feedback check box.

How did you check for graphics drivers? Did you go to the graphics card manufacturer’s site to get and install their latest drivers?

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Thanks for the fast reply!
The Fast Feedback check box did it! I don’t know why this changed, because i haven’t tinkered with it, but thank you again, you are a life saver! :slight_smile:

Every time this sort of thing has been reported in the past and changing the check box fixed it, the problem was due to the graphics drivers. Not unusual to get a bad graphics drivers in anautomatic Windows update.

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Ah that explained it, i had an system update this morning. But still, i had know idea about this setting

So before you do anything else, go directly to the Intel site and get their latest drivers for your GPU. Install them.

In my experience, 90% of cases:
When I ask the user, What did you do differently?
The answer is mostly that: Oh nothing!

Then it turns out that he connected another monitor to it, connected the monitor to another output, Windows said to restart it because it updated … something still changed in the settings here and there… :slight_smile:

Will do that, thanks again!

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For your interest, you hadn’t done anything wrong. A few versions ago SketchUp was changed to default to that checkbox being unchecked if you are using an integrated Intel GPU. That was done because one of the highest volume support issues was where people had an underpowered GPU, and that checkbox would lead to the model window being blank. So, the change did reduce the number of support cases coming in. But, if you had a more capable integrate Intel GPU this new issue would show up. The solution is what Dave suggested, by checking the Use fast feedback box you get back to the performance you had seen in the older version of SketchUp.

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I already asked myself what’s the purpose of this fast feedback, if it’s causing issues. So thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile: