"The parameter is incorrect" error?

I tried rendering my model using v-ray 3.6 (trial version) and shaderlight (trial version), but when i click render or add material, a window pops up with message “The parameter is incorrect.”

Please help! i really need to fix this for my future projects. Many thanks!!!

It might fix the problem if you try a different renderer such as Kerkythea or Twilight Render V2.
Also, It appears V-Ray for SketchUp version 1.49 and earlier are no longer supported. Maybe try reinstalling V-Ray if it’s version 1.49 or earlier.

Sorry I can’t help with your problem, but that is one of the most useless error messages I have ever seen!

Hi there! Thanks for the help but I use V-Ray 3.6 trial version. I will try your suggested rendering software…Thanks again!

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What do you mean by “most useless messages”? Thanks!

I mean that it provides no information that you could use to diagnose the issue.

Edit: I refer to the error dialog you got, not to your post

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If you are using the absolutely latest version of their software and plugin, V-ray seems to tell you that something is incorrect in your render settings. I understand that there are tens if not hundreds of these settings…

But he wrote that this error appears with Vray and shaderlight. I think this is not a renderer problem.

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