Error while rendering with vRay; wrong parameter


I have a problem to render my project. Till now it worked fine, though at my current project every try on rendering it yields a error “Wrong parameter”. I have no idea where to find any of those parameters. Maybe someone has an idea?


give us a break and at least tell us which renderer…



Which renderer? Sorry I cannot understand. Where can I check that?


ok, can you explain exactly what steps you are doing before you see this ‘message’…



I have my project opened and I click “Start Render” (current scene). Now I got information that render that is used is from v-ray


ok, I added vRay to your title and moved the post to extensions, so you may get a reply from another user of the vRay extension…

also, try the vRay forum…



Okay, thank you


Can you give a screenshot about this error and share your file, so people can have a look at it?


(I’m curious why this “message” is in Polish, while all the other stuff is in English, but nvm. It means “Parameter is invalid”)


Have you been successful with rendering other projects? I started wondering if the plug-in had issues with Polish file and folder names (my native Finnish also has characters I had better not use in files and folders if I don’t want to confuse some older applications). Just a random guess, in case the V-ray plugin has some folders or files hardcoded into it.


Yes, it’s been all alright, till now. I use no polish letters in project’s name :frowning:


Have you asked on the Vray forum? If not, you should.


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