Working with layers, all objects explode

Hi there,

I’m using Skechup since a couple of months, so quite new to the program.
But, hours of tutorials have taught me a lot.

At the moment, I’m rebuilding my model in layers, in order to exlain to the architect why things are like I drew them.
But, ever since I made layers of the floor, the walls, the inner walls etc., every component i.e. a chair, or whatever, comes in in exploded form and there’s nothing I seem tot be able to do about it. I made components of them, groups of all the furniture od one room etc. It just doesn’t work.
I made a new layer and made it active: bathroom for example, and still everything I paste or import is exploded…

I sincerely hope somebody can help me with this problem!

How about sharing the SketchUp file with us so we can see what you have?

How do I do that? I’m already looking for where to click to present myself :slight_smile:

There’s some detail of what you are doing that hasn’t come across in your post. Layers and components are separate concepts that don’t interact.

This is the house I designed…

I know. But how come that working with layers makes that my furniture explodes??

Do the same thing you did to share the image with the SKP file.

Layers don’t make components explode.

It shouldn’t. That’s why I believe we are missing some detail of your workflow.

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Can I share the original file here? Or just an image of what my problem is…

Share the original SKP file. If it’s larger than 3Mb, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

OMG, I just don’t know how to share the file? Cope, paste doesn’t work…

Figured it out, I think…


Or upload it to DropBox if it’s over 3 Mb and share the link.

Nope, too big. Drop Box installing…

Be sure to make the DropBox file publicly shared or we won’t be able to load it!

I will. Thanks so much for helping me!!

It worked. I hope…
This is the link: Dropbox - Bouw met layers.skp - Simplify your life

Looking at your file, I don’t see components that are exploded. The main building walls probably should be grouped already. The hair dryer needs to be scaled correctly, too. When I drag components in from the Components window, they generally come isn as expected and they do remain as components.

I don’t get that you see more than what’s in my model? All I have is a closet standing tside. Looks like the models are mixed up . You have more stuff inside the house than my file on the laptop. I’m confused…