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I have a pretty good idea about how to use components, but this project I’m trying to build is making things difficult. It’s like i can’t choose them all as a component. They won’t edit themselves, whenever I change one.
To make matters worse, the file size has increased as well. From the original 1,3 MB to 33 MB. I have tried to explode all of it and remake the entire thing to become a component - without luck sadly. The entire construktion shows itself as a unit, but won’t let me edit as a whole.

I was wondering if any of you knew a way to make sure they would act as a unit again. This is my first post, so I’m not even sure if this is under the right category. If you have any good way to share this, so my bad explanation won’t have to do, would be appreciated too.


Without seeing the SKP file, it’s pretty difficult to diagnose the problem. Perhaps you could upload it to Drop Box and share the link with us.

One thing is for sure, exploding components or groups is generally not a fix.


Okay, here it is:


OK. So you have exploded the joist hanger component? And now you have a bunch of loose geometry that looks like the joist hangers in a nested component.
Screenshot - 8_12_2017 , 10_33_55 AM

The fix would be to explode the larger components and delete all but one joist hanger. Make that joist hanger into a component and then redistribute it throughout the model. You need to move the edges and faces back to Layer 0, too.

Would it help if we look at your model together?


The rest of my model was hidden, and I have tried to make it come forword, but I erased the old Shetchup pro from 2015, because I thought it would cause trouble for the viewing. I’m not much of any help. Was this the loose geometry you were talking about?

This is the best I can do:

It’s no problem if I can’t get it back, I’ll just make a new one then.


You don’t need to start over. It’s not that hard to fix the issues. Start with what I described, above.

Again, if you want, we can look at it together. I have time right now.


No it’s fine, I’ll follow your instructions. I don’t know know what “together” means, but i’m getting nervous just thinking about it. The social skills in me, are not that great. Thanks mister.


OK. I just meant I’d set up a screen sharing session and show you. Give it a try on your own first. No need for discomfort.


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