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Hello, I’m a newcomer seeking assistance with my SketchUp experience. Lately, I’ve encountered persistent issues with the program, and as my usage has increased, its performance has deteriorated to the point where I can’t effectively complete any work. The application often freezes for a few minutes before ultimately crashing. I suspect that my lack of knowledge in organizing and cleaning within groups and components is a significant factor.

The numerous components I’ve imported from the Warehouse are likely contributing to the problem. Despite downloading two extensions in an attempt to clean up the model and resize materials, I find myself feeling somewhat lost. I’m uncertain whether my efforts are improving the situation or exacerbating the problem.

I’m reaching out to inquire if anyone here could provide assistance, offer guidance, or teach me how to effectively clean up my model to ensure smoother SketchUp performance and prevent further crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free so presumably you are a hobbyist. A key thing is to keep your models lightweight by using low poly components.

Share your SketchUp file with us so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled and give you the guidance you request.

Yes, I’m currently using SketchUp for a school project. Unfortunately, I’m unfamiliar with the process of sharing my model. Could you please provide guidance on how to do so, and I’ll share it with you? Additionally, I’m uncertain about what “low poly components” means.

Download the file to your computer and then upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

We’ll see what happens but clearly you’ve let it get ourt of control especially considering you are using the free web version. When I get it opened and can have a look at it I’ll see if I can make it behave better.

By the way, are you really using the web based SketchUp Free? There’s no watermark in the style like SketchUp Free shows.

The free web version has a file size limit of 100 MB. Your file is 1.3 GB. What are you actually using? A stolen version?

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I think @Anssi is correct. You are not using the free web version. More likely the cracked version of 2021. Is that correct?

I’m not yet finished with your model but I’ve removed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 1_29_2024 , 11_38_53 AM

And you win the 2024 SketchUp Hoarder’s award for unused stuff. I can honestly say I’ve never before seen a model with over thirteen thousand materials in it.
Screenshot - 1_29_2024 , 11_49_35 AM

More to do.

I am currently using SketchUp 2023.

Fix your forum profile, then. This is not the free web version as you indicated.

You should not be using the trial version for projects, anyway.

You sure worked quickly to generate all that file bloat. I’m still waiting on your file. It’s so overly detailed that it’s incredibly sluggish. I expect to make it behave at all the overly detailed trees will have to go.

You have a lot of exposed back faces in the model that need to be corrected. There should be no blue back faces visible in your model.

I’ve managed to reduce to get rid of a lot of unused stuff. I did remove the giant trees because they were also slowing the model down. If you have to have trees, look for ones with many fewer polygons. The file size is reduced by 70% but it’s still much larger than it needs to be for what it is.

When you are getting entourage from the 3D Warehouse don’t go for the highly detailed components. Your 3D human figues are very bloated with extremely high res textures and details that don’t add anything to the story you are trying to tell. For example, are the knobs and other small gubbins on the sewing maachine components adding anything useful to your model. Would they still be recognized as sewing machines if they didn’t have those details?

I’ll upload your file and come back with a link when it’s ready.

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I apologize for any confusion caused by the unclear information on my profile. Hopefully, this time, the provided information should be accurate. I am currently working on a school project, using a free trial period. Thank you for your help and understanding.

You’re not using SketchUp for Schools. That is a web based version for school children.

Certainly, feel free to omit the finer details. The overall picture is more crucial to me, and I don’t mind if some specifics are excluded. Is it feasible to retain the paths outside the building while just eliminating the trees?

Here’s the link to the file. I don’t know that the paths are all where you want them. Until I cleaned up the file as much as I did it was practically impossible to look around the model.

If you aren’t seeing the textures change the face style to Shaded with Textures.

When you delete components from the model space you need to also purge the unused stuff which you can do in Model Info>Statistics. Failure to do that is what created a large part of your file’s troubles. The other thing is picking overly detailed objects like the 3D figures and those plants. Reduce the complexity of components before you add them to your project file.

I guess you have until Thursday. Then you’ll need to purchase the subscription for SketchUp. Might as well do it right away.

Thank you for your assistance. I acknowledge that I am new to this and still in the learning process. I appreciate your help, although many elements, such as the entire cafe and pathways, seem to be missing now. How can I retrieve or restore them?

I only removed unused objects and those big trees. The unused objects were not in the model space. I didn’t remove any other objects from the model.

Not sure why a student should not use a free trial for a school project (which is clearly not commercial project).
By the way, I would like to share a trick to quickly spot if a file was done in a specific version of the software (it works for most file formats, it’s not specific to skp).
If you open the file in Notepad++ or Sublime text editor you can read it as a plain text file.
In most cases one of the first info listed in the text will be the software version wich generated that file (and this is definetly true for skp files).
If you do not have one of the above mentioned enanched text editor, you can simply rename te file extension (or maybe a copy of it) as .txt and open with a default text editor.
In case of very large files like this one, the basic text editors can fail and you need to use something like Visual Studio.
I often use this trick when I suspect some people working with me is sharing some file done with non legitimate software (I often do stuff for VR builds, and we generally want to make sure to stay out of troubles caused by other people bad “legal” practices, if the build will get examined for whatever reason).
I do this since spotting some people trying to sell us models claiming they were “made in Blender” when they were actually authored with cracked version of 3dsMax, Substance and whatnot… :expressionless:

Here’s a comparison between a random file generated with SU free online (above) and this specific shared file (below) as shown in Visual Studio.
The Sketchup version clearly doesn’t match between the two.

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