Sketchup Free (Web) Model is Crashing

Using Sketchup Free (web edition) I cannot edit my model without it crashing. It has crashed several times over the last couple of days. I have purged all unused components materials and styles. I cannot draw or save my model without receiving the crash popup dialog. How do I fix my file. I can see it, I just can’t do anything with it.

Maybe you could share the .skp file so we can take a look and try to help?

What is the graphics card in your computer?

Maybe it’s that version 2021 you are using. It shouldn’t even work until next year!

How do I share the .skp file?

Download it to your computer and then upload it by dragging it into a reply here. If it’s too large to upload here, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Where is the download option?

In the menu in the top left corner of the SketchUp window. It looks like three horizontal lines.

Deck Final 2020-10-12.skp (10.6 MB) thanks - file is included here.

It behaves well enough for me. It could be that your graphics card isn’t able to handle it with the textures or maybe the geometry.

I fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 10_13_2020 , 4_43_40 PM

…and cleaned up the geometry…
Screenshot - 10_13_2020 , 4_44_43 PM

And then corrected the incorrect tag usage in some of the locked groups/components.
Screenshot - 10_13_2020 , 4_52_21 PM

Screenshot - 10_13_2020 , 4_56_29 PM

And saved it with the face style set to Monochrome. You could see if your computer will handle it now. By the way, you should correct the reversed faces.
Deck Final 2020-10-12 cleaned.skp (10.5 MB)

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I really appreciate the help! Looking at this now. I have no idea how to correct the reversed faces or even what those are?

Back faces are shown in blue. Front faces are white. You would need to select the faces, then right click on them and choose Reverse Faces.

Thanks so very much for the help! The model seems to work now. Is there any way I could have done this cleanup in the Free version? Also, how do I turn the colors back on when I’m don modeling and want to do the final renders?

The cleanup to get rid of the excess edges and faces could be done manually. It would be tedious but it would just be a matter of going through all of the elements in your model and removing coplanar edges and unneeded internal faces. It’s a thing best done as you are working so it doesn’t get out of hand.

As for the incorrect tag usage. Probably the key there is to use tags correctly from the beginning. ALL edges and faces are created and remain untagged. and only objects (components, groups, dimensions) get other tags.

I neglected to set Untagged as active. You should do that before you do anything else in the model.

As for getting your materials to display again, simply select the In Model or one of the Default styles in the Styles panel.

Thanks again for the kind help - much appreciated.

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