Sketchup Web Free Crashes


I am using Windows 10 laptop with GeForce MX230. on Chrome browser.

I began using sketchup free (web) last week. Drew some items and added some components and now, when I try to edit something there, it crashed. Have submitted the web crash report.

I notice Chrome was using >6GB of ram when using sketchup with >4GB still free, so I don’t think insufficient memory is at fault. Any ideas on how to solve the crashing problem ?

My sketchup file : Dropbox - Alam Im #2.skp - Simplify your life

It could be that you are just maxing out your computer’s capabilities. I had a look at your model and did some cleanup. I fixed the incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be untagged. You assigned tags to the geometry you drew.
Screenshot - 9_2_2021 , 8_10_36 AM
Make components or groups to separate geometry and give tags only to the components/groups. Your structure is all loose geometry which is difficult to manage.

Also you need to purge unused stuff from your files once in awhile. In this case it looks like you’ve downloaded a lot of stuff from the 3D Warehouse and then deleted it from the model. Deleting components from the model space does not remove them from the file. Purging unused stuff from the model reduced the file size by about 50%.
Screenshot - 9_2_2021 , 8_10_53 AM

You also have a lot of reversed faces in your model. There should be no exposed blue back faces in your 3D model. You can see some of those blue faces here.

See if this behaves better for you. I did not fixed the incorrect face orientation or the loose geometry.
Alam Im #2 cleaned.skp (10.9 MB)

Thanks for the response and help. It works now.

The reason I put the walls/geometry with tags is so that I can easily hide certain walls. Is there a better way to hide walls/rooms/floors ?

Yes! Collect the geometry for the walls and floors into components or groups and then put a tag on the component or group. So you would draw the bottom floor, select that geometry and create a component/group for it. Then you would draw the first floor walls, select them and create another component/group. Repeat for the next floor and then the next floor’s walls. Each of those components or groups then get a tag.

Tagging the geometry as you did creates all sort of problems. Don’t go there.

I would suggest that you start over on your house model. Draw the bottom floor of the house and give it some thickness before creating the component or group containing the geometry. Don’t include the exterior paving with the interior floor.

A couple of other suggestions:

Don’t add materials until you have the geometry at least nearly complete. Make sure all of the faces are correctly oriented before you start adding materials.

Don’t get ahead of yourself with the entourage–furniture, plants, etc. Make sure your building is complete before you start moving in and doing the landscaping. Although that stuff is fun to see, it really loads the model and makes it more difficult to work in it.

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