SU Free Web crashes on recently created file

Hi there, I recently started sing SU Free for web and my file with less then 10MB started crashing whenever I try to do something in it, I’ve been always purging it so I ran out of ideas. Hope someone can help me.

Here’s a download link to my file:

I can’t see anything that would make it crash, it works fine in web on my system.
When you say crash do you mean it shuts down completely or that is just freezes when you try to work with it?
It may be that your browser/internet connection/Graphics combination isn’t coping with all the edges being displayed.
As you have the file save you have Back edges showing, this toggles on and off with the k key or from the view menu/edge styles.
Turning them off may help. The bed is also quite ‘heavy’ lots of geometry. Assigning it to a tag and turning it off while working may also help.

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I meant that it freezes and I’m unable to do anything with it.
Those were really good tips, I’m gonna give it a go latter to see if it fix my problems.

Thank you for now. :smiley:

So that’s not crashing.

Might be worth either looking for a simpler bed component or cleaning that one up a bit. There’s a fair amount of unneeded geometry in that bed.

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Ops I really didn’t know that there was a difference, in my area of expertise if either an app freezes or closes those are boths types of crashes, but I could’ve been more specific.

About the unneeded geometry in the bed, how would one clean it? I’m a really new user to the program and I have no idea what do you mean or how would I go about doing that. I just selected a bed component that resembled my own and changed it a little bit. :sweat_smile:

You can edit the component, select and delete the geometry that would otherwise be unssen. Search for Hide rest of model so you can hide the objects you aren’t editing.

Might want to go through the instructional materials at

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Nice gonna try doing that!

And thank you so much for the instructional materials, I didn’t know they existed. Definitely will check them out.

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