Trouble Adding Components to Model

Hey all, I’m knew to SketchUp (and design software in general), so go easy on me.
Pretty much, I’ve been trying to design 2 rooms on top of each other that are joined by a spiral staircase. I’m trying to put in a component for a spiral stair case, but whenever I pull up the components browser and download the spiral staircase component, it doesn’t show up anywhere. I’ve read the online guide for components but the component doesn’t show up on my move tool. If anybody could offer any advice/tell me what I’m doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Could you give a link or at least a complete description of the component you’re trying to insert? Does it come from the 3D Warehouse? It could be that it is inserting into your model but it has been made so it inserts in the wrong location. Or there could be something else causing what you’re seeing. Can you see the spiral stair component in the In Model components library? (click on the house icon in the Components window to get to the In Model library.)

Maybe you could upload your model so we can take a look at what you have going on.

Yeah of course.
Here’s the link:

And here’s my crudely drawn room model:
House.skp (898.6 KB)

Thanks so much!

Wow, you must be Guliver in Lilliput because your rooms are 2.5km high !!
Your model is so out of scale that the component is barely visible when you import it.
Delete the stairs from your model then use the Tape measure tool to resize your rooms then reload the stairs from your components/in model library.


It appears @ely862me has solved the problem. Certainly not the problem I would have guessed.

Oh wow! I didn’t even realize how out of scale my drawing was. I’ll start working on it now, thank you!