Insert a component

Hi. This is a I am trying to help my son insert a component (a simple bench) into his theme park (an assessment for his school) . For some reason sketch up says it has downloaded but it does not appear on the file. If I open a new file I can download a component easily. Why would it not download on this sketchup file Presumably the file is corrupted in some way. Does anyone have any ideas what we could do? Thanks so much for your time poor kid needs to get this finished and I think it would be impossible to start from scratch. HELP PLEASE.

Check the size of his model. Has he drawn it at some giant scale relative to the size of the bench? Most likely the bench is present in his model. Look at Outliner to see if you can see it.

Thanks Dave, should have thought of that. Went in and tried the tape tool and the building was 30 million feet so yea a problem with size! Have a great weekend.

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