Importing component problem



I begin to learn how to use SketchUp and create simlpe window in SketchUp

My windows have sizes 1x1 meters.
Now i wannat to insert it in my another file where i create simple building, but when i do so, it add some empty spate ro model, so it become wider up to 0.04 meter and looks like this:

What i possible doing wrong?


Just a lack of understanding how components behave so suggest you spend some time here
Once you have"it "in your model it becomes an instance of that component and its definition is invariant when you move, rotate, scale so you can scale the instance to fit your opening.
How ever you must also understand how the scale operation can affect say the relative dimension of the stiles and rails of an instance.
Posting your model here would help since component can some times take on the scale of the model you import too could also be a potential issue.


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