Can't import components into my model

Hi everyone!
I can’t import any components into my model and when I use materials to print my house, there is a problem that it only shows the single color instead of the color with parterns. Therefore, Can eveyone download my model and try to fix the bug for me? Please!!!
Thank you all12.skp|attachment (1.4 MB)

This is not a bug.

Materials you use and components you might import aren’t likely to show considering how large your house is.

Just the front wall I dimensioned is over 25 miles long. I sure wouldn’t want to have to clean your house!

I resized making the garage door opening 7 feet high and I see lots of components and the textures look like textures.

Yea, but the nice thing about that house is that by the time you get up in the morning, eat breakfast and head to the garage, you’ve already run a marathon. :smile:


thank you bro you are so awesome :slight_smile:

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haha I am noob :slight_smile:

Hi dare! How to directly small my model like making my garage door height 7 feets

I used the Tape Measure tool. Click at the bottom of the door opening and then at the top. Type 7’ and hit Enter. Click OK.

But when I hit enter and my model dispears

Hit Zoom Extents so you can see it.

If you were in an airplane far enough away so you can see an area about 150 miles wide, would you be able to see your house? It’s basically the same here.

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Thank you dare!!! I make it :slight_smile:

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