Unexplodable components?


Just got a survey plan that is really odd.
there is no way I can explode the components. It seems it does, but the components stay in place, overlaping the exploded result. Can anyone give it a try ?
survey plan.skp (173.5 KB)

I believe I know what the problem is. Multiple components have the same geometry and sketchup seems to fail exploding them all. Is there a work around ?

Nevermind, got it to work exploding in autocad first, but this is weird and first time it happens.

I’m used SU2021, not sure if it is make any difference…


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Hello dezmo,
Thank you for trying.
This is strange as I am also using 2021 version.
here’s the result I get :


I’m thinking of a plugin that might be interfering but am kind in a rush now, I’ll try to find out which one later on

It looks weird … maybe it’s worth it to try restarting your computer.