Strange crash


Could someone try something… Here is a model of a wall. It first was a very same component copied several times that I needed to explode at some point.

Everything is exploded now, but one component.

  • Every time i try to explode it, sketchup crashes without bug splat.

  • If move it away from the wall (for example along red axis), explode it, and put it back in place, sketchup crashes.

  • if I delete it and try to fill the gap in the top end or bottom end with a rectangle, sketchup crashes.

I’m on sketchup 2022, wondering if it comes from one of my plugins.


profil.skp (1.2 MB)

I am on 22 as well, although on Mac. I can explode and move the red component without problem.


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Have you tried copy all and paste into a fresh file, then explode?

Yes I did, this is the fresh file ! It comes from a bigger model.

thanks for the feedback, I hope someone else on PC can try out

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Could be related to this thread, another explode then crash situation on 22.

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SU2022 win10

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thanks for trying ! I guess I’ll have to hunt the guilty extension down

Something on the right side (as you look) of the red element creates the problem. I grouped the elements on the left in one group, the ones on the right in another and that’s how I made that clip. But, then I explode the group on the left, then the red one, and when I also explode the one on the right, the SU closed.

// edit
I also tested the opposite and the problem appears.

ah ! thanks. That’s what I had to do too, but i’m relieved it’s not just me

It crashed on mine 22 with win 10

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Crashes 23.1 also, Win 10.

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